About Us



We are Packaboo. Our team has been in the fashion industry for years, and we decided to do something different. 'Packaboo' represents the fashion pursuit of Gen Y and Gen Z—’We wear what we want. 


Because we are young, we have the courage to discover. We try different styles every day to find a better version of ourselves. Then you will know you can be much better than you think. Packaboo hopes everyone can enjoy a fashionable life in their young days.


We care about your pocket and time – we ship the items directly from the factory to your doorstep. Our supply chain is fast and short - we can cut the cost. Hence, all clothes are available at a reasonable price.


We want to make our brand one of the biggest online retailers of this kind. Just try on our products, and you will know.


Welcome to Packaboo.


Additional INFO

All delivery times are estimated and Packaboo is not responsible for delays due to some unpredicted factors (weather, courier factors, customer error, holiday-related delays) or any other unforeseen factors.

If you have any questions about your account or need some help, please contact us.

Customer Service Email: [email protected]